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Monoxivent Releases Online Resource for Industry Partners

ROCK ISLAND, IL – Monoxivent has strived to position itself as an industry leader with regard to customer support, marketing efforts, and online resources. These proactive efforts have helped Monoxivent secure market share and build strong relations with industry partners. Now, Monoxivent has updated its’ website to include drawings and specifications to meet the need for building design. The files available include: BIM (Revit), 3D AutoCAD and Specifications (CSI Format).

New Product Announcement - PE-05

Introducing the PE-05 Exhauster. The PE-05 Exhauster by Monoxivent is the perfect solution for capturing and eliminating vehicle exhaust from Automobiles and light duty Pick-up Trucks in a Tune-up or Idling type application. This portable, light weight solution is easy to use and easy on your pocket book.

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