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Cyclone Dust Collectors and Filter Units


Monoxivent’s offerings in dust collection include self-contained portable units, cyclone dust collectors and after filters, and free-hanging filter units.

The cyclone collectors are offered up to 18,000-CFM. Cyclones are more suited for heavy dust removal (such as wood shops, heavy metal grinding). The free-hanging filter units are ideal when source capture is not practical and general room filtration is required. Cyclone dust collectors are perfect for industrial dust removal from the workplace. Breathing in dust is harmful to your workers, and our dust collectors and filtration will work to protect them.


Metalworking, Metal Grinding, Finishing, Thermal Spraying, Food Processing, Food Handling, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Welding, Woodworking, Rubber/plastic, Sanding, Sawing, Trimming

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Monoxivent partnered with S.J. Smith Co. to provide custom welding booths and downdraft tables to remove toxic welding fumes. S.J. Smith is a regional welding distributor that actively promotes the Monoxivent product line.

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