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Product Videos | Monoxivent Source Capture

Source Capture Products Overview

Overview: The manufacturing capabilities of Monoxivent include a complete line of vehicle exhaust extraction systems, hose reels, overhead and underground exhaust systems, rail systems, source capture flex arms, portable filter units, wall mount filter systems, cartridge collectors with air pulse cleaning, cyclone dust collectors, free hanging filter units, fiberglass reinforced plastic UnderDuct/Corrosion Composites, and custom design build services for special requirements from our customers.

Motor Hose Reel

Application: Kirkwood Community College - Cedar Rapids, IA

Overview: Monoxivent’s motor-operated hose reels are the premier solution to exhaust extraction. Keep your workers safe with a diesel exhaust system or other vehicle exhaust system from Monoxivent. They provide the answer for customers who have obstructions, which prohibit the use of other types of overhead-exhaust systems.

Featuring a direct drive planetary gear motor (120-volt, 1-phase or 220-volt, 1-phase) or chain driven tube type motor (120-volt, 1-phase). The motor is operated by spring rocker switch or by optional 2- or 4-button hanging pendant or radio remote control. The reel is equipped with manual override on motor. Complete the package by adding a direct-mount fan, which allows a complete-stand alone system. Or connect to ductwork and a central fan.

Spring Hose Reel

Application: Trucking Company Service Bay

Overview: Monoxivent’s automatic spring-operated hose reels are a top-of-the-line solution to exhaust extraction. Our gas exhaust and diesel exhaust systems are designed for manual extension and spring return of the flexible exhaust hose. Just manually uncoil hose to desired length and lock, when finished unlatch and hose recoils automatically.

Overhead VE

Application: Dealership Service Department – Lujack Lexus Quad Cities

Overview: Monoxivent’s conventional overhead building exhaust systems are the user-friendly and cost-effective solution that meets a wide-variety of demands. These systems incorporate many hose types and lifting configurations. The hose types range from high-temperature silicone to medium-temperature polyester. The lifting configurations include ropes and pulleys and cable balancers. The retractable telescoping system and the swivel booms offer other alternatives for overhead exhaust extraction. Complete the package by adding a direct-mount fan, which allows a complete-stand alone system. Or connect to ductwork and a central fan.


Application: Parts and Service Department - Randy Kuehl Honda, Cedar Rapids, IA

Overview: MONOXIRAIL is a premier solution for removal of vehicle exhaust, welding smoke, dust and hazardous airborne particulates. The rail, combined with hose reels, simple drops or welding source capture arms creates a free and open work environment for numerous applications. The aluminum extruded extraction rail with sealing lips and mounting profiles carries movable extraction trolleys. The extraction rail can be used with fully flexible hose systems. The Technorail and ALU modular concepts caters for a wide range of applications and workplace environments. Straight‐forward assembly, robust design with low pressure losses. Specification includes all necessary seals and clips. 

Weld and Fume Capture

Application: Welding Training Center – Plumbers and Pipefitters, Rock Island, IL

Overview: Monoxivent offers a complete line of welding source capture equipment. Articulating arms, swivel/pivoting boom arms, blowers, mini arms, fume  and exhaust hoods and a multitude of other related products are incorporated into this section.

Filtoo Workstation

Applications: Welding, Dust, Powder, Grinding

Overview: The Filtoo is a mobile filter unit that can be used for many applications requiring the filtration of fumes, dust, and even gases. The polluted air is extracted and directed into the filter unit by either a self-supporting suction arm, downdraft table or suction hose. The offending dust, fumes and/or particulate are removed from the airstream through several stages of filtration and the clean air is then returned to the work space. The Filtoo is a plug and play system that is ready for operation. It is only necessary to connect the intake elements before commissioning the unit.

The Filtoo features robust and solid construction. The housing is constructed of heavy gauge steel and powder coated inside and out for durability. The filter elements are accessible via a maintenance access door. The unit is equipped with multi stage filtration to cover wide range of dusts, fumes and particulate.

Portable Fume Eliminator

Applications: Auto Dealerships, Motorcycle Shops, Light Equipment Repair, Military Vehicles, Diesel Trucks, Heavy Equipment

Overview: The Portable Fume Eliminator is your answer for indoor exhaust capture, when hazardous fumes are present. The Eliminator was developed for use in shops where a conventional overhead or underfloor system is not practical.

The Eliminator is ideal for truck, bus, agricultural, and construction equipment applications. The Eliminator is easy to use and maneuver. In just seconds, the Eliminator can be moved into position, connected to a 120‐volt power source (three phase option available), and turned on.

Portable Fume Exhauster

Applications: Small Service Garages, Residential Shops, Mobile Service Trucks, Motorcycle Shops, Lawn and Garden Shops

Overview: Portable. Economical. Easy use. Complete fume capture solution. This sums up the PE-05 Portable Fume Exhauster.

With a 1/2 HP fan it provides enough airflow to handle cars, light duty pick-up trucks and any other vehicles incorporating a small engine while idling. It is a complete solution that includes 10' of intake and 10’ of exhaust hose along with a neoprene rubber tailpipe adapter. The 25' power cord provides enough length to reach the required 115V outlet. An integral handle allows transport of the PE-05 to multiple locations. With the discharge hose routed out a garage door, man door or optional door/wall port, vehicles can safely operate indoors. Typical applications include small service garages, residential shops, mobile service trucks, motorcycle shops, lawn and garden shops, etc.

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