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Air Code Compliance | Monoxivent Source Capture

IMC (International Mechanical Code) 2021 International Mechanical Code

502.14 Motor vehicle operation:

In areas where motor vehicles operate, mechanical ventilation shall be provided in accordance with Section 403. Additionally, areas in which stationary motor vehicles are operated shall be provided with a source capture system that connects directly to the motor vehicle exhaust systems. Such system shall be engineered by a registered design professional or shall be factory-built equipment designed and sized for the purpose.


1. This section shall not apply where the motor vehicles being operated or repaired are electrically powered.
2. This section shall not apply to one- and two-family dwellings.
3. This section shall not apply to motor vehicle service areas where engines are operated inside the building only for the duration necessary to move the motor vehicles in and out of the building

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UnderDuct Receives Code Approval from ICC

Fiberglass ICC

“UnderDuct is an ICC approved product, properly tested to the applicable standards of LC1014.”

Monoxivent has received confirmation from ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES), that its UnderDuct Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic duct is approved with the provisions of the:

*Uniform Mechanical Code is a copyrighted publication of the International Association of plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

This confirmation, as evidenced in ICC-ES listing PMG-1171, provides guidance to code officials faced with approving the use of UnderDuct under these codes.

The listing is available online at

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