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1306 Mill St., Rock Island, IL 61201
Phone: 877-608-4383
Fax: 309-794-1020
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Monoxivent Source Capture


Ian Frink, Owner, x223

Jim Maynard, Owner, x219

Erik Swanson, Division Manager, x259

Mike Murphy, National Sales Manager, x264

Jacob McVey, Assistant National Sales Manager, x248

Marty McNeil, Sr. Product Manager, x254

Nate Kennis, Product Manager, x283

Susan Reynolds, Production Manager, x251

Paula Pratt, Admin. Support, x262

Monoxivent FRP - UnderDuct, Corrosion Composites


Jim Wischhusen, FRP Division Manager, x240

Craig Czarnetzki, HVAC/Industrial Project Estimator, X272

Sam Stelzner, ME, Engineer, x237

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