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Exhaust Hoods


Monoxivent exhaust hoods are designed to collect and exhaust heat, moisture, dust, fumes, vapors, grease, oils, chips, particles, paint, or engine exhaust from industrial, manufacturing, and chemical processing applications.

Canopy, barrel, and slotted fume hoods are available in standard or custom fabrications to specific customer requirements. With Monoxivent’s complete laser and weld department, the possibilities are endless. Numerous materials and thickness are available. Options include: hanging brackets, blast gates, curtain strips, and internal baffles.


Welding, General Ventilation, Plating Stations, Fume Capture, Oil/Mist

Featured Case Study

Hoods Installed at Woodward Inc.

Canopy and Slotted Fume Hoods. (12) 16-ga. mill finish 304 stainless steel; (28) 16-ga. mill finish galvanized steel.

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