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Source Capture Arms


Monoxivent's fume source capture arms provide a safe and versatile solutions for capturing weld fumes, smoke, dust, and other hazardous airborne particulate. Arms can be attached to swivel booms and PAC's for extended reach. Product offered includes internally supported, externally supported, telescopic, tube-type, and mini (lab) arms.


Welding/Maintenance Shops, Trade Schools, Training/Union Halls, Industrial Shop Environments, Lab Environments

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Tube Type Fume Arms

An international automotive supplier is in the process of installing several Robotic, Prototype MIG Welding stations at its facility in Novi, MI. An upcoming test was going to be put on hold, unless they could install a ventilation system that could remove the dangerous fumes from the facility. Their requirements were that the fume exhaust had to be installed in 3 weeks from the go ahead date.

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