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LFK - Filtration Package


LFK - Filtration Package

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MNX-LFK – Fume Extraction Kit – HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration captures 99.99% of particles to .3 micrometers

MNX-LFK-U – Fume Extraction Kit - ULPA (Ultra-Low Particulate Air) filtration captures 99.9995% of particles to .12 micrometers



Soldering Electronics, Screen Printing, Nail Salons, Precision Tig Welding.


Dental Clinics, Health Care Facilities & Laboratories where Viruses maybe present.


The MNX-LFK is a suitable solution for filtering harmful fume, dust particles VOCs. The package unit includes fan, filter and fume extractor. Commonly the MNX-LFK is utilized in locations where virus filtration is not required.


The MNX-LFK-U is an effective and flexible solution consisting of a fan, filter and fume extractor in a single unit. It is highly suitable for use in healthcare environments where exhaled air, which could potentially contain viruses or residues from inhaled medicines, can be problematic.


For maximum efficiency, the MNX-LFK-U is equipped with a highly efficient filter (ULPA 15 rating), an optimized fan with a highly efficient EC motor with speed control and a flexible extractor arm, which features the lowest pressure drop on the market.


The MNX-LFK & MNX-LFK-U units are available in two versions: MNX-LFK 150 with a 2-inch extractor arm, and LFK 175 with a 3-inch extractor arm.  MNX-LFK works according to the low-vacuum principle, which entails a very low risk of filter failure, produces little noise and has low power requirements.


Among the accessories is the MNX-LF-TR, a portable trolley on lockable wheels with bracket for the extractor arm. MNX-LF-TR is compact and easily blends into the work environment.



Viruses in dry form have a size of 0.08-0.12 μm but are usually bound to an aerosol and are therefore almost always larger. A ULPA filter is very good at filtering these particles.


The LFK U has an ULPA filter (FPU 50) as standard. The filter is rated ULPA 15 and tested in accordance with EN 1822-1 and has a separation efficiency >99.9995%.


The filter is tested using the MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) method with a size of 0.17 μm, which is the most difficult size for a filter to capture. For smaller or larger particles, the filter has higher separation efficiency.


The filter test is carried out at an airflow of 60 cfm of filter area. At higher airflows the separation efficiency is reduced. The FPU 50 has a filter area of 54 sq./ft. and can withstand an airflow of up to 290 cfm without impaired separation efficiency.


 Viruses caught in the filter cartridge are trapped in the fibers of the filter media. Once the virus gets stuck, it will rest in the filter media and soon dry out and die, due to the air flow passing through.



Generally, there is very little chance of viruses surviving for any longer period in an air filter, so the risk of being infected by viruses when changing the filter cartridge is small. However, the usual precautionary measures that generally apply when changing filters are to avoid exposure of harmful dust. Wear full covering work clothes (long sleeve shirts and pants), gloves, respirator and goggles. Place the used FPU 50 filter in a plastic bag and seal the bag before moving the bag with the used filter. Hospitals and laboratories may have specific requirements for the filter changing procedures. Always follow established procedures for the worksite where the filter changing procedure is to be performed.

Recommended changing cycle of the filter cartridge, FPU 50, is dependent on usage. High usage will need to be changed more often than low usage.

Fan, hose and extractor arms should be thoroughly cleaned using an appropriate cleansing solution.       


MNX-LF-TR - Mobile trolley for LFK U with lockable swivel wheels and mount for extractor arm.

MNX-LF-VTA - Exhaust Air Adapter – 5-inch exhaust air duct connector. Cannot be combined with MNX-LF-TR.

MNX-MEFS- Flexible Suction Nozzle – Length 24”

MNX-MESH - Square Hood - Dimensions 12”x14”

MNX-FFH - Flat Screen Hood - Dimensions 12x8”

MNX-CDH -   Dome Hood - Dimensions 14” For more information, please see the following brochures.

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