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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

Tailpipe exhaust emissions from running internal combustion engines can reach toxic levels within a closed building. In a repair facility or garage setting, even though the vehicles/engines are only run for a short period of time indoors the carbon monoxide from gasoline burning vehicles and nitrogen dioxide from diesel burning vehicles can build up within the space.

Remove Vehicle Exhaust - at the source 

Without the use of a proper source capture system the build up of the vehicle exhaust fumes can lead to worker illness, higher facility maintenance and possible damage to the sensitive electronics of diagnostic and servicing equipment in the workshop. Monoxivent can provide a complete solution for your specific needs from design, to proper product selection and system sizing.

Monoxivent Source Capture products can cover a wide range of vehicle exhaust applications 

For Over 60 years, Monoxivent has been providing vehicle exhaust system products and solutions for a wide range of vehicle types and applications. We can provide an exhaust extraction system for practically any shop where internal combustion engines are being run. These can include but are not limited to: 

  • Car Dealerships 
  • Independent automotive workshops 
  • Schools and institutions 
  • Small engine repair 
  • DOT service facilities 
  • Bus Barns 
  • Construction Equipment 
  • Agricultural machinery 
  • Military vehicles 
  • Motorcycle shops

Fume Removal Experts

By using Monoxivent equipment and capitalizing on our knowledge you can increase the efficiency and profitability in your workshop. A properly designed Vehicle exhaust extraction system can provide the following benefits: 

  • Code compliance
  • Health and safety of the shop workers 
  • Safe and ergonomic workplaces 
  • Reduced injuries caused by tripping over tangled hoses on the workshop floor. Vehicle exhaust hoses are always available when and where you need them. And out of your way when you don’t. 
  • Cleaner work environment/healthier building 
  • safer work environment 

Exhaust fumes such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are dangerous to worker health and reduce productivity. Monoxivent exhaust fume extraction systems remove these contaminants at source. Let Monoxivent help you to design a proper vehicle exhaust system today! 

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