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New Product Announcement - PE-05

Rock Island, IL – Monoxivent Source Capture Systems, the market leader in Vehicle Exhaust Extraction, has announced its latest innovation, The PE-05 Exhauster. The PE-05 Exhauster by Monoxivent is the perfect solution for capturing and eliminating vehicle exhaust from Automobiles and light duty Pick-up Trucks in a Tune-up or Idling type application. This portable, light weight solution is easy to use and easy on your pocket book.

  • The PE-05 Blower is constructed of cast Silumin (Silicon Aluminum Alloy), (both housing and wheel). The wheel is radial blade type.
  • Standard Motors are Baldor with TEFC Enclosure. Standard Motors are UL UR recognized as a component and CSA certified in Canada.
  • Motor is 3450 RPM.
  • Unit is supplied with: Foot Mount Base, 1-Phase/115 Volt/.5 HP Motor, On/Off switch, 25’ Power Chord and carrying handle.
  • Unit comes with 10’ x 4” Diameter, series 5000 Hose on Suction side
  • 10’ x 4” Diameter series 5000 Hose on Discharge side.
  • Includes our 23827-SL Neoprene Oval Mouth Tailpipe adaptor.
  • Optional accessories include: Casters and a longer handle for even easier mobility, 10’ x 4” Series 5000 Extension Hose on Discharge side.

With a 1/2 HP fan the PE-05 provides enough airflow to handle cars, light duty pick-up trucks and any other vehicles incorporating a small engine while idling. It is a complete solution that includes both suction and discharge hoses along with a neoprene rubber tailpipe adapter. The 25' power cord provides enough length to reach the required 115V/1PH outlet. An integral handle allows transport of the PE-05 to multiple locations. With the discharge hose routed out a garage door, man door or optional door/wall port, vehicles can safely operate indoors. Typical applications include small service garages, residential shops, mobile service vans, motorcycle shops, lawn and garden shops, etc.

For more info: Model PE-05 Product Overview

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