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Portable Fume Exhauster

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Portable Fume Exhauster

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Portable. Economical. Easy use. Complete fume capture solution. This sums up the PE-05 Portable Fume Exhauster.

With a 1/2 HP fan it provides enough airflow to handle cars, light duty pick-up trucks and any other vehicles incorporating a small engine while idling. It is a complete solution that includes 10' of intake and 10’ of exhaust hose along with a neoprene rubber tailpipe adapter. The 25' power cord provides enough length to reach the required 115V outlet. An integral handle allows transport of the PE-05 to multiple locations. With the discharge hose routed out a garage door, man door or optional door/wall port, vehicles can safely operate indoors. Typical applications include small service garages, residential shops, mobile service company, motorcycle shops, lawn and garden shops, etc.


  • Casters
  • Extended Handle for Easier Mobility
  • Y-Kit for Dual Exhaust
  • Door/Wall Ports

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