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Technorail Simple Drop


Technorail Simple Drop

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MONOXIRAIL Systems, with Simple Drops, are one of the most versatile indoor source capture solutions on the market today.

Aluminum extruded extraction rail with sealing lips and mounting profiles to carry movable extraction trolleys. The extraction rail can be used with fully flexible hose systems. The Technorail modular concept caters for a wide range of applications and workplace environments. Straight-forward assembly, robust design with low pressure losses. Specification includes all necessary seals and clips.

The Systems are available for use with Monoxivent’s RTS (Retractable Telescopic System) or Simple Drops with Balancers. Monoxivent simple drops and overhead systems are a user-friendly and cost effective solution that meets a wide variety of demands. These systems incorporate many hose types and lifting configurations. The hose types range from high-temperature silicone to medium temperature polyester.

The Technorail models easily handle small air volumes and lighter weight equipment and accessories.

Length: As Required
Channel cross-section: 27 in²
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 20 lb./ft.
Operating Temperature: 302° F (150° C)

Auto Dealerships, Motorcycle Shops, Light/Heavy Equipment Repair, Garage Settings, Rail, Bus Transit, Manufacturing Facilities

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