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Spring Operated Hose Reel Exhaust Removal System

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Spring Operated Hose Reels

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Spring Operated Hose Reel Mounting

Spring hose reels offer a flexible way of removing vehicle exhaust from your shop or auto repair business. Ceiling mounts are the most popular type of set up. They allow hoses to be free hanging and positioned anywhere in the shop. There are some times where you might benefit from mounting on a side wall or even utilizing a floor mount. Always be sure to account for your desired length when planning your system setup.

Our spring hose reels offer:

  • A variety of hose diameters
  • 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” high‐temperature silicone Nomex or medium‐temperature polyester hose standard
  • A variety of other hose options are available for special applications
  • Designed for manual extension and spring return of the flexible exhaust hose
  • Hose lengths range from 16′ to 44' in length


Spring Retractable With Options

Monoxivent hose reel systems offer you the options that you need to best operate your shop. While spring loaded, these hose reels allow for the installation and set up of the following accessories:

  • DMS‐HR Direct Mount Switch to Reel for Fan On/Off
  • RC Remote Control for Operation of Motor HR
  • P2 2‐Button Pendulum Switch for Up/Down Control of Motor HR
  • P4 4‐Button Pendulum Switch for Up/Down Control of Motor HR and On/Off Fan Control
  • DMHR Direct Mount to Hose Reel D‐Series Blower
  • Pull Ring Pull Down Cable with Ring

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