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Portable Eliminator Without Fan

PVSC-T Product

Portable Eliminator Without Fan

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The Portable Fume ELIMINATOR was developed for use in shops where a conventional overhead or under-floor exhaust system is not practical. It is ideal for truck, bus, agricultural and construction equipment applications that require fume extraction.The ELIMINATOR is a compact, self-contained portable exhaust system. The compact base with a footprint of 30” x 30” makes storing the Portable Fume ELIMINATOR easy. Depending on the model, the vertical mast has a stored height of 90” or 120”. The adjustable mast can be easily raised or lowered to fit all top and mid-body exhaust pipes. 

Summary - BASIC BASE PLATE MODEL, without fan: Base plate, telescoping mast, vertical stack nozzle with straight end or 45-degree end


For under chassis, simply uncouple the hose on the vertical mast and couple it to an under chassis clamping nozzle. For truck applications, the main vertical stack features a 45-degree end with an 8” opening. The configuration allows for use with straight, taper cut, turn out, and rain cap vertical stacks. For bus applications, or for vehicles with a high horizontal exit exhaust pipe, the ELIMINATOR features a straight end with an 8” mouth. This model is, typically, used to connect to an existing hose drop.

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