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Norman S. Wright-Pacific named Monoxivent and FRP Representative

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Norman S. Wright-Pacific named Monoxivent and FRP Representative

August 27, 2014

From Norman S. Wright website: In business more than 100 years, Norman S. Wright provides customers with exceptional systems knowledge to meet all project requirements. Representing HVAC manufacturers worldwide, Norman S. Wright’s product lines support the latest energy, sustainability, and comfort standards.

Sales and application engineers focus on customers’ needs and industry changes—building codes, energy-efficient technology, human health and safety, and capital and operational costs. Norman S. Wright offers prompt, problem-solving expertise for design and construction professionals.

To contact Norman S. Wright Mechanical Equipment: Norman S. Wright – Pacific Marites Calad 94-449 Koaki Street Waipahu, HI 96797

Direct office: 808-678-3916

Main office: 808-678-3911

Fax: 808-678-3921



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