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Monoxivent’s Swanson Quoted Extensively in Latest “Mass Transit Magazine”

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Monoxivent’s Swanson Quoted Extensively in Latest “Mass Transit Magazine”

November 1, 2011

EXCERPT FROM: “Regen Temps Challenge Vehicle Exhaust System Users” (by Rich Cunningham), Sept./Oct. 2011 Issue


Adding to the discussion, Monoxivent national sales manager Erik Swanson endorses the idea of adding more ambient air into the system in order to keep it cool, while suggesting other VE system changes as well. “We may also add high-temperature accessories to the exhaust fan such as heat slingers, high-temperature paint and other suggestions,” Swanson explains.

“In an extreme case, where the vehicles may go into regeneration mode while attached to the vehicle exhaust system, we could possibly recommend using 2,000-F flex hose,” he adds.

Monoxivent’s Swanson looks to overall safety as part of the VE system improvements that can enhance the working environment. “We can put heat-resistant handles on our tailpipe adapters to help prevent the mechanics from getting burned,” he suggests. “Mechanics have to keep in mind that today’s engines are running hotter, which creates more heat in the vehicle exhaust system. They must exercise care when removing the VE system from the vehicle, because it may be hot, especially right after the vehicle is shut down,” Swanson adds. He even suggests that vehicles be pulled outdoors to conduct certain engine tests that will definitely create high exhaust gas temperatures, and that the vehicle be disconnected from the VE system to do so.

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