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Fort Dix, NJ

Fort Dix Combined Maintenance Facility Features Monoxivent Source Capture Systems

Job Name: Fort Dix Combined Maintenance Facility

Location: Fort Dix, NJ

Monoxivent Representative: Effective Controls East, Larry Frantz

Summary: Effective Controls East, an authorized Monoxivent representative, was awarded the opportunity to provide motorized retractable hose reels, exhaust fans, and all necessary controls as specified for the new Combined Maintenance Facility at Fort Dix (NJ).

The new facility serves as a centrally located vehicle maintenance facility for the newly joined: Fort Dix, McGuire AFB, and Lakehurst military facilities.

The project consisted of 29 motorized retractable hose reels, each with 32′ x 6″ exhaust hose, 13 BI-120 Backward Incline Industrial Exhaust Fans, along with switches and controls.  In addition a 14′ x 8″ fume extraction arm with mounting bracket, direct drive exhaust fan, light kit, motorized damper and silencer was provided for weld fume removal in a maintenance room.

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