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Pioneer Pet

Application Spotlight Location:

Cedarburg, WI


Cyclone Dust Collector Equipment: 70SN70-PL Model 70SN70-PL-SP Collector: 14" ID Inlet, 16" OD Outlet, 15 HP 230/460-3-60-3600 TEFC C-face motor with rain cap 1 ea., PRD-60S Pressure Relief Door, 70SN70 1 ea. AAAMISC Special 10" Cone discharge and cone plate for direct fit-up to RV-10 1 ea. RVSS-A Structural Support for Aget rotary valve 1 ea. RV10-6N Model RV6-10 Rotary Valve, 10" 6-vane, neoprene seals, 2 HP 230/460-3-60 TEFC motor gearhead drive, chain, sprocket guard 1 ea. RVDA-A10 Discharge Adapter for Aget 10" valve; 10" OD x 6" OA - Paint Safety Yellow 1 ea. ST-SP Special Stand for 70SN70-PL, per print 7070-050817, 61.5" x 60" x 72.5" 1 ea.


Pioneer Pet is a manufacturer of cat litter, scratching posts, pet drinking fountains and other pet related products. Pioneer Pet currently has two warehouse locations in Cedarburg, WI with over 150,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing and inventory storage. They work with some of the largest retailers in the world to sell their pet products. 

Monoxivent provided cyclone dust collector equipment for Pioneer Pet's production floor. The cyclone collector is Model 70SN70-PL-SP. Cyclone collectors are perfect for industrial dust removal from the workplace. Cyclone collectors are offered up to 18,000-CFM. They are suited for heavy dust removal. 

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