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Cedarburg High School

Application Spotlight Location:

Cedarburg, WI

Manufacture Rep:

HVA Products, Inc. 

About Cedarburg High School:

Cedarburg High School is a public high school in Cedarburg, WI. Cedarburg offers automotive shop class and metals lab. 


(5) Spring Hose Reels with 25' of Series 4000 hose, rubber oval mouth adapters with spring clamps and Series D direct mount blowers

(6) Weld exhaust 6" diameter telescopic arms with wall mounting brackets, polycarbonate hoods, internal supports and Series 6000 hose

(3) Floor sweeps with kick open doors


Monoxivent partnered with HVA Products, Inc. for the HVAC renovations at Cedarburg High School. This project included demolition of the existing HVAC system and installation of new heating, cooling and exhaust systems. New building temperature controls were provided along with energy management systems including variable speed drives. Monoxivent provided spring hose reels with direct mount blowers in the automotive shop classroom. In the metals lab, Monoxivent welding arms were provided and connected to a new dust collector for filtration. Monoxivent provided floor sweeps for the woods lab. The floor sweeps are connected to a dedicated dust collector for filtration. 

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