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Kirkwood Community College

Application Spotlight Location:

Cedar Rapids, IA

Manufacture Rep:

Rist & Associates – Des Moines, IA

About Kirkwood College:

Kirkwood Community College is a public community college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Kirkwood has a secondary campus in Iowa City, and several additional regional and county centers. The college was established in 1966 & the student enrollment during the 2018-2019 year was 16,781. Kirkwood offers over 120 different degrees, diplomas, and certifications.


Agricultural Diesel – Washington Hall

(24) 9326-W-TMTR

TPA-RB-6 Adapter


(12) D30-3-FMB Fans  

Automotive Technology Center

(30) 9325-W-TMTR

8005-SC Adapter


(8) D Series Fans

(4) Door Wall Ports

(4) 15320 Telescopic Arms


Monoxivent along with Rist & Associates recently completed two projects for Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA.  

The installation at Washington Hall will allow future agricultural diesel mechanics to service equipment indoors and remove harmful exhaust fumes from the workspace. This facility has 3 large areas that will provide ample room for students to work on all types of equipment.

Provided were (24) motorized hose reels with 32 feet of 6-inch Series 4000 hose. The adapters selected were TPA-RB-6 that are commonly used for vertical stack exhaust. Also included were Y-kits for dual exhaust that can be easily changed out with male/female couplers.

The exhaust fans selected were Monoxivent direct drive D-Series blowers. Limiting the exhaust fans to two hose reels per fan will help reduce the amount of air that is exhausted out of the building. This requires less make-up and saves in overall energy costs.

The Automotive Technology Center boasts state of the art equipment to assist with training students to become automotive technicians. Outfitted with (30) motorized hose reels with 32 feet of 5-inch Series 4000 hose. The smaller diameter hose will be used to capture the exhaust on gasoline and light diesel pick-ups being serviced.

The clamping 8005 adapter allows the mechanic to connect the tailpipe adapter to the vehicle. When dual tailpipes are present the user can clamp the adapter to the optional Y-kit provided.

The Automotive Technology Center also includes (4) 15320 telescopic arms that are used to capture dust and particulate when brake service is being performed. Similar D-Series blowers are used within the space to remove the exhaust fumes.

Monoxivent is proud to have equipment at each facility and providing clean, quality air to students for years to come.

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