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Mills Chevrolet

Application Spotlight Location:
Mills Chevrolet
Davenport, IA

Installed By:
Crawford Company

Custom Cut Underfloor Stainless Steel Floor Outlets – Series 3000 No-Crush Hose – 23827 Tailpipe Adapter – BI Series Blowers

UnderDuct-VE – Corrosion Resistant Underground Ductwork (Dry Connection with Internal Sleeve)

CO Fume Detection – FDS-CS Main Controller – CS-RS-CO Remote Sensors

Monoxivent along with affiliates UnderDuct FRP and Crawford Company provided a complete underground vehicle exhaust system for Mills Chevrolet in Davenport, IA.

Monoxivent’s underfloor exhaust systems are user-friendly and cost-effective solutions that eliminates the need of hoses hanging from the ceiling. The Mills Chevrolet system incorporated custom laser cut stainless steel floor outlets. Crawford’s laser division was successfully able to cut Chevrolet’s Bow-Tie logo into each of the 24 floor outlets. Each outlet includes series 3000 No-Crush Hose (4″D x 11’L) and a 23827 Neoprene Rubber Adapter. The outlets are divided between two BI Series Blowers.

The UnderDuct-VE product was provided by Monoxivent’s FRP division. UnderDuct VE is the only non-metallic vehicle exhaust duct certified to meet building codes by the ICC as outlined in IMC 510.8. Crawford’s Commercial HVAC Division provided the installation of the corrosion resistant ductwork using a dry connection technique that reduces time and effort. UnderDuct-VE is approved for direct burial, no concrete encasement required.

Monoxivent’s FDS-CS controller and CS-RS-CO remote sensors were also installed by Crawford Company to continuously monitor the toxic gases and control general ventilation fans.

As a whole this is a terrific example of multiple company divisions coming together to provide a one stop solution.

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