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O’Hare Airport

Application Spotlight Location:
OATS (O’Hare Airport Transit System), Chicago, IL

Sales Representative:
Hatchell & Assoc.

74′ and 41′ Dual Rail Assembly
High Temperature Exhaust Hose
5-HP Exhaust Fans
CO Detection System
Custom Stainless Steel Adapters

US transit company O’Hare Airport Transit System (OATS) is responsible for connecting the terminals and the parking of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Yearly the shuttles transport over 14 million passengers. The ATS runs 24 hours a day, is fully automated and is free of charge to ride between its five stations located throughout the airport. The guide way is 2.6 miles long with 6 cross-over switches for flexibility of operations and maintenance.

When it comes time for maintenance and repair on the automated cars, diesel trains are sent out to bring these units into the combined maintenance and control center. This is where the problem of diesel exhaust inside of a building was more than just a nuisance. As OATS prides itself on the health and safety of its workers, diesel exhaust became a major problem for not only the mechanics, but also the operations personnel and office staff housed in the same building. In the planning stages of this project, Rajkumar Rambhajan CEO & “Imagineer” of O’Hare Transit System, was asked how much of the work area he wanted to cover with an exhaust system. His response of “I want it all” set the bar pretty high.

So Monoxivent’s representative Hatchell & Associates, Inc. of Elmhurst, IL worked with the design staff of Monoxivent to come up with a solution that definitely required some “outside of the box thinking”. The end result, as installed by Roberts Environmental Control Corp. of Tinley Park, IL, has been a total success. Monoxivent takes pride in the innovation required to produce lasting solutions to custom applications such as this.

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