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Cartridge Downdraft Tables

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Monoxivent’s Downdraft Table is a self-contained dust collector bench used in grinding and finishing operations. The bench features powerful downward airlfow, effectively capturing dust and fumes. Even air distribution provides effective dust control over the entire work surface. Monoxivent downdraft tables are your best source for industrial dust collection systems. Our downdraft tables provide feature:

  • Powerful downward airflow effectively captures dust and fume
  • Even air distribution provides effective dust control over the entire work surface
  • Hinged side-wing panels open to accommodate longer workpieces
  • Built-in fluorescent light illuminates work area
  • Ergonomically designed for operator comfort
  • Fibra-Web® FR filter cartridges featuring nanofiber technology provide high filtration efficiency and long filter life
  • MERV 14 filtration efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-2007
  • Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity
  • Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards
  • Quiet operation

Dust Collection Applications:

  • Grinding dust removal and Finishing Operations
  • Table Welding Fumes
  • Light Dust and Particulate from Industrial Operations

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